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  • June 25Opening ceremony
  • February 23Appointed Yeon-ho Choi as the President
  • November 27Appointed members of the establishment committee
  • October 31Formally announced and implemented the Korea-Africa Foundation Act

General Information

  • Basis of Establishment
    [Korea-Africa Foundation Act] (Act No.14960)
    [Korea-Africa Foundation Act] (Presidential Decree No. 28465)
  • Purpose of Establishment
    (Korea-Africa Foundation Act, Article 1)
    Promoting long-term and comprehensive research
    on African nations
    and partnerships with countries
    in various fields such as
    politics, economy, culture, and academics.
  • Objectives
    (Korea-Africa Foundation Act, Article 7)

    identifying, investigating and studying trends
    in Africa by country and region

    education and promotion to enhance
    mutual understanding with African countries

    supporting exchanges and cooperation
    and other organizations including NGOs
    and private sector in African countries

    other projects necessary to achieve the purpose of
    the Korea-Africa Foundation's establishment

  • Board of Directors
    (Korea-Africa Foundation Act, Article 8)
    The board of directors of the Korea-Africa Foundation,
    consisting of no more than five board members
    including one executive director and one auditor,
    is the highest decision-making body that deliberates
    and makes decisions on important matters
    throughout the operation and business of the Foundation.

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