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Exchanges and Cooperation
The Exchange and Cooperation Division conducts various projects,
including business seminars and youth forums,
to help Korean companies, local governments, and private organizations
expand exchange with African countries,
thus strengthening cooperation and establishing a “specialized Africa platform.”
Major Exchange and Cooperation Projects
  • Supporting Exchanges and Cooperation Between Companies and other Organizations, Including NGOs and Private Sector, and African Countries
    • hosting seminars and investment briefings for economic organizations and diplomatic corps in Korea, and holding the World Korean Business Convention
    • hosting the African International Business Forum
    • publishing business entry environment data and conducting field research
    • holding local product fairs for small and medium enterprises and youth enterprises
    • holding African Startup Idea Contest and supporting startups
    • cooperating with relevant Africa-related organizations in Korea
  • Supporting Joint Sector Exchanges to Promote Partnerships with African Countries
    • supporting major foreign guest visits from Africa and establishing networks
    • supporting Korea-Africa Participatory Diplomacy
    • supporting exchange and cooperation between local governments and African countries
    • supporting the National Assembly's Forum for Africa's New Era

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