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KAF Logo

The infinity symbol gently embraces the ‘Taegeuk’ mark (representing Korea) and the African continent, which manifests the infinite potential of the Korea-Africa partnership. The green color, which is also the color of the African Union (AU), indicates KAF’s vision towards a prosperous future of both Korea and Africa, as well as symbolizes the younger generation who will play a pivotal role in the Korea-Africa relations.
Color System
  • CMYK
    C76 M21 Y100 K0
    R77 G153 B71
  • CMYK
    C0 M0 Y0 K100
    R35 G31 B32

KAF History

  • June 25Opening ceremony of the KAF office held
  • June 12Inaugural assembly and the registration of establishment completed
  • February 23Amb. Yeon-ho Choi appointed as KAF’s 1st President
  • December 12Enforcement Decree of the Korea-Africa Foundation Act (Presidential Decree No. 28465) legislated
  • October 31The Korea-Africa Foundation Act (Act No. 14960) legislated


  • Basis of Establishment
  • Purpose of Establishment
    (Korea-Africa Foundation Act, Article 1)
    Conducting in-depth and comprehensive research on Africa, while promoting genuine partnership with the continent in political, economic, cultural, and academic fields
  • Objectives
    (Korea-Africa Foundation Act, Article 7)

    Trend analysis and research by country, region, and theme

    Education and promotion for Korea-Africa mutual understanding

    Support for Korea-Africa exchange and cooperation: private sector and organizations

    Other programs determined necessary in achieving the objectives of the Korea-Africa Foundation Act

  • Executive Board
    (Korea-Africa Foundation Act, Article 8)
    The Executive Board of the Korea-Africa Foundation, consisting of no more than five board members including one president and one auditor, is the highest decision-making body of the Foundation that deliberates and decides on important matters concerning the operation and program execution of the Foundation.


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